Anonymous said: What traits in people annoy you?

Let me give you a list of annoying people.


-who talk when they should be quiet

-who are unintelligent idiots

-who are unintelligent idiots and talk when they

-who have an ego which is a big as mine

-who send me stupid messages

-who don’t realize that they’re defenseless and pathetic

-who are jobless without any reason

-who think that they’re psychopaths without any reason

-who use the words ‘sociopath’ or ‘psychopaths’ in the wrong context because they’re too lazy to look it up…

Oh, well. I guess I could go on like this.

Best wishes

Anonymous said: Can you post a picture of your eyes?

What do you want to do with a picture of my eyes?

I’m able to do it but sorry, I won’t.

Best wishes

nocturnalcupcakes said: What do you think is the most terrifying someone can dress up like?

Hm, actually I don’t care about people’s clothes. I don’t have to wear their clothes, so why should I think about their style?

I can say what might fit to me and which clothes look cheap which not, but actually I just don’t like to see people naked…

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Anonymous said: Do you have any weird followers?

It’s up to your definition of 'weirdness'.

I don’t think that a human can be completely ‘normal’ but even normal is up to the sociey’s definition.

But if we talk about my opinion, I think: Yes, there are some weird followers.

Best wishes

If you make your victim hang himself/herself, the police always thinks about suicide… What a funny thing.

If you make your victim hang himself/herself, the police always thinks about suicide… What a funny thing.

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nocturnalcupcakes said: What's the perfect Halloween costume, doctor?

Ask yourself what you want to achieve with it.

Do you want to look scary? Do you want to look cute or sexy? Do you want to look funny? It’s the same in life, I guess. We need to know what we want to achieve, to find out what the word perfect means to us.

Best wishes

Anonymous said: Can you write little about the place you are in now? How the neighbors are?

Still Germany,

hm, what should I say about the neigbours?

So, there’s no real stereotyp. Some are friendly and polite, others not. I guess it’s nearly in every place in the world the same. But actually I don’t pay attention to them.

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Anonymous said: You book, isn't the authors name written on it? If we buy it, will we find out who you are? Or is it anonymous

I guess that’s something you might find out when you buy it.

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